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Room price in the hotel "An der Stadthalle" in Braunschweig

Staying one night or longer, this site will show you the current prices:

Price list

Single room Sunday-Thursday:
Double room Sunday-Thursday:
3-bedroom Sunday-Thursday:

80,00 €
99,00 €
112,00 €

Single room Friday-Saturday:
Double room Friday-Saturday:
3-bedroom Friday-Saturday:

74,00 €
94,00 €
102,00 €

All prices include a hearty breakfast.

Looking for weekend- or other specials?

You or you staff plan to stay in Braunschweig for a special event?

The hotel 'An der Stadthalle' provides individually furnished rooms with soundproof windows for an relaxing night in Braunschweig.

You have guests for a family celebration and need a nice hotel? Or you want to spend a private weekend here to visit a concert, visit the theatre or sports events - just call or mail us.

We will provide you a special offer on request.

Spend the nights in a warm and friendly surrounding!
We enjoy being at your service.
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